Mandy Dish

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen Ownership Team Expands with New Partners

Mandy Dish
Tin Drum Asian Kitchen Ownership Team Expands with New Partners

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Altaf and Amisha Popatiya Bring Operations, Marketing and Franchising Expertise

to Sidewalk Café Concept


ATLANTA (March 7, 2019) – Tin Drum Asian Kitchen founder Steven Chan is pleased to announce the addition of Altaf and Amisha Popatiya to the company’s ownership team. With a decade of experience as owners and operators in the service and retail industries, the Popatiyas became Tin Drum franchise partners in 2016. Now, as corporate partners, Altaf serves as Tin Drum’s chief operating officer while Amisha utilizes her marketing background as the company’s director of marketing.


Chan and the Popatiyas see Tin Drum’s new ownership structure as an opportunity to triple the time and energy invested into each restaurant location. “As part of the ownership team, we want to bring out the best in each Tin Drum restaurant by taking the concept back to its sidewalk café roots,” says Amisha.


Having learned all the ins and outs of the business from the ground up, Altaf and Amisha are also able to provide the necessary support system for getting new franchisees on board. “Providing more insight for those looking to become Tin Drummers is another important part of our role,” Amisha adds. “People have shown so much interest in the company, and we want potential franchisees who are as passionate as we are to know we have been in their shoes.”


The Popatiyas’ dedication to the Tin Drum brand began first as adoring customers and then as passionate franchise partners. While in the salon business, Amisha worked near a Tin Drum and patronized the restaurant multiple times a week. “Soon I got Altaf addicted to Tin Drum, too!” she recalls fondly. “We’re very passionate about the culture that Tin Drum offers and the food it serves. Just walking in, we could feel it was unique.”


The duo went on to open their first Tin Drum in Newnan in 2016 and didn’t stop there. “We saw so much potential within the brand with exceptional products. Even though there are only 11 units, Tin Drum has some of the best technology and value systems in place.”


The Popatiyas have now invested in Tin Drum as partners and are taking an active role in shaping the brand. In January 2019, they helped to create a new model for future cafes with the opening of the newest Tin Drum in Decatur, which evokes the hustle and bustle of a classic Hong Kong-style curbside café. Guests can also enjoy new non-bowl items joining Tin Drum’s selection of longtime favorite bowls inspired by the cultures of China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.


The passionate pair looks forward to refreshing the brand and building a more consumer-focused model for future locations.


About Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

With 11 locations throughout metro Atlanta, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen focuses on made by order, affordable and all-encompassing Asian food. Inspired by music and life around Asian curbside cafés, the menu packs bold flavors into dishes prepared in an open kitchen. The space invites all budgets, taste buds and styles, introducing guests to thoughtful, modern design and surprising, witty details. For more information about Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, visit