Mandy Dish

Tips from Brazilian Barbecue Masters

Mandy Dish
Tips from Brazilian Barbecue Masters


The Brazilian barbecue masters of Chama Gaucha hail from the southern Brazil where the technique of cooking meat over an open fire after a long day wrangling cattle was born.

At Chama Gaucha, these wranglers, or Gauchos, come to your table wielding skewers of meat fresh off the grill bringing the cuts to your table one by one. Here are a few delicious tips for your grill this weekend!

  1. Leave the fat on – Brazilians butcher their steaks with the fat on, grill it and then trim it, allowing all fatty flavor to drip and continuously marinade the meat.
  2. Charcoal over gas! The flavor speaks for itself.
  3. No lighter fluid – it changes the taste. Simply use the paper bag from the charcoal and a flame to get it going.
  4. Season beef generously in coarse Brazilian sea salt.
  5. Chicken and pork: marinate, marinate, marinate.
  6. Get your char then switch to slow and low heat.
  7. Grill a variety of meats – then slice thin so you can try them all.
  8. Don’t forget the fruit! Pineapple and even bananas in the peel can be grilled.
  9. Skewer something – small chunks of meat cook quickly, so they become the chef’s treat while other meats cook.