1551 HOBNOB Old Fashioned

1551 HOBNOB Old Fashioned
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"We start by smoking a rocks glass with hickory chips and a fresh cinnamon stick, bringing out aromas of a campfire. We then muddle an orange peel with just a dash of orange bitters.  We use our unique HOBNOB/Atlanta's American Spirit Whiskey Collaboration Bourbon, but any quality sipping bourbon can be substituted in at home. We use only the finest Luxardo cherry liqueur for a medium bodied flavor with earthy cherry aromas. We gently stir the cocktail ensuring never to bruise the bourbon. This is then strained over a large cube and garnished with a sugar coated cinnamon stick and a cherry. This is our signature cocktail at HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern!"

- Sean Yeremyan, Owner

HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern


  • 1 large orange peel

  • 3 dash angostura bitters

  • .5 oz Luxardo

  • 2 oz sipping bourbon



  1. Burn hickory chips & cinnamon stick in skillet; cover with a old fashioned glass, let it rest and smoke the glass

  2. Muddle orange peel with bitters in a clear mixing glass

  3. Add Luxardo and bourbon

  4. Stir 20 times

  5. Remove orange peel to rim the glass, squeezing slightly to coat rim

  6. Add large rock, place orange peel over large rock, strain all ingredients into rocks glass

  7. Top with splash of soda

  8. Garnish with sugar coated cinnamon stick and a cherry

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