Destiny Thompson

Ask Miles Wooden from Ray's on the River Anything

Destiny Thompson
Ask Miles Wooden from Ray's on the River Anything

Ask Miles Anything { really }

Miles Wooden, our resident Sommelier, just wants to put the exact right wine on every table. To learn more about a day in the life of a Somm, we sat down with Miles to quiz him about what it's like to be the resident Sommelier at Ray's.

What's your Golden Rule of wine?

It should be fun! It shouldn't be this serious, nerve-wracking decision. I really think after learning about what you like in a wine, we can have fun finding a bottle you'll enjoy. 

Can you take us through the process of helping choose a wine?

I always ask the guest what they're looking for in a wine. Do they want something a little funky? Do they want something similar to a bottle they've recently loved? Is there a region that means something to them? From there I give recommendations and use their feedback to narrow down our list. 

What's your favorite thing about being a Somm? 

Showing people new things that they've never tried or seen before. I love adventurous, curious guests. 

What's the biggest misconception about Sommeliers? 

That we're here to sell you the most expensive bottle on the list. My goal is to get the right bottle on the table, whether you want to spend $58 or $580. 

What's the Ray's Wine Philosophy? 

We have the biggest and the best, but we're also a small business so we like to support smaller wineries and showcase excellence from small producers all over the world. 

Miles, what's your favorite bottle on the list?

Don't make me pick a favorite! 


Fair enough.

Cheers, Miles!